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Isle Of Minno (Prototype)

Isle Of Minno (Prototype)

Éditeur(s) / Développeur(s) : Infogrames / Gremlin Interactive
Genre(s) : Aventure
Thème(s) : Mini-jeux
Date de sortie : 12 May 2006

There is little information on Isle of Minno, a prototype was found by an Assembler Games Forum user and the game itself looks and sounds a bit like a children’s game. I couldn’t find a reason why the game got cancelled by Sumo Digital; the game is hardly mentioned anywhere. Game also doesn’t show up on old cached webpages of Sumo Digital’s website. In May 2006 Sony and Sumo Digital made some actual pre-production Isle of Minno UMDs, none intended for resale, but you can now easily find a leaked ISO online.

The game starts off with a small sequence showing a boy who washes up ashore on an island after drifting in the sea with some leftovers from a ship. After a small walk on the beach he enters a cave and finds a small village hidden in a valley at the end, presumably called Leafy Cove. After a short introduction talk from an elder person you are sent on your first mission to get yourself some decent clothes. The town is fully explorable; decent sized with loads of places to go to and now and then you find inhabitants with which you can interact and accept missions from. After completion of a mission you’re invited over to the person’s house or you can collect a small reward for your efforts. The whole gameplay mainly seems to consist of completing small mini games like collecting feathers, fruit or other stuff, mowing lawns, throwing things out threes and of some music memory games. The complete story of the game or its missions stays however vague.

Hébergeur : Mega
Format : ISO
Région : EURO
Langue : Anglais
Compression : Rar
Nombre de fichiers : 1
Taille des fichiers : 67 Mo
Taille totale : 67 Mo

Mot de passe : Aucun

Catégorie : Minis
Auteur : Maxsacreur
Ajouté le : 09/06/2018 11:38
Téléchargé : 4531 fois

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