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Green Day - Bullet in a Bible

Green Day - Bullet in a Bible

Éditeur(s) / Développeur(s) : Reprise Records
Genre(s) : Musique
Date de sortie : 26 Décembre 2005

Bullet in a Bible is a CD/DVD package (also available as a UMD, for those who want to carry it around on a Sony PSP) documenting Green Day's show at the National Bowl in Milton Keynes on their 2005 U.K. tour. The DVD intercuts interview footage with individual members of the trio between the songs on the set, while the CD provides an hourlong distillation of the show. Both the CD and DVD manage to be big, splashy productions -- after all, the DVD is produced to take full advantage of a home theater system, while the CD has a bright, clean kick to its mix -- that still retain a palpable sense of excitement and grit. This isn't the wild, reckless Green Day of the early and mid-'90s -- this is Green Day the arena punk pros, who know how to fill a stadium while still sounding as if they're playing in a packed little club. None of their '90s punk-pop peers have such a large following or can command such large, adoring crowds, and Bullet in a Bible makes it clear why: no other band in 2005 can play to the mainstream while still seeming nervy and vital. In other words, nobody does it better than Green Day, and this live package is a testimonial to the band at its peak.

Hébergeur : Mega
Format : ISO
Région : EURO
Langue : Multi-langue
Compression : Rar
Nombre de fichiers : 1
Taille des fichiers : 1.2 Go
Taille totale : 1.2 Go

Mot de passe : Aucun

Catégorie : UMD Audio / vidéo
Auteur : Maxsacreur
Ajouté le : 29/07/2018 20:24
Téléchargé : 507 fois

Note : Non valu


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