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Brigandine : Grand Edition [Cross MOD]

Brigandine : Grand Edition [Cross MOD]

Éditeur(s) / Développeur(s) : Hearty Robin
Genre(s) : RPG, Tactique
Note du test : 16/20
Date de sortie : 05 mai 2000

Brigandine: Grand Edition (Japanese: ブリガンダイン グランドエディション) is a remake of Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena that was developed by Hearty Robin and released on 5 May 2000. It had many significant changes, including a multiplayer mode, cutscenes, voice acting, rebalancing of the elements, new Rune Knights and monster classes, the option to play as the Esgares Empire without entering a code, and battles with Bulnoil and the Snake of Chaos.

The Game (English patched) has been modded to re-balance the game and add various functionnalities.
> READ-ME file <

Hébergeur : Mega
Format : Autre
Région : JAP
Langue : Anglais
Compression : Rar
Nombre de fichiers : 1
Taille des fichiers : 910 Mo
Taille totale : 910 Mo

Mot de passe : Aucun


Patch Anglais v2 by John Osborne (24 Decembre 2014)

Translation : 100%
Voices : Japanese

Plus d'informations sur le patch : Sword of Moonlight.


Game MOD v5.5 by Brigandine Weekdays (30 Decembre 2019)

Spoiler :  

★ Changed some default rune knights' classes, levels, stats, RP growth and RA.
★★ Some rune knights have tier 2 or 3 classes on 1 lvl!
★★★ Few characters has an additional tier 3 class!
★★★ All rune knights have about 400 RP on 30 lvl and about 300 RP from the start!
★ Added several tier 2 and tier 3 monsters to each country from the start.
★ All in-game classes has gotten new abilites (like a skills, some spells, attacks with special effect, changed
movement types etc.).
★★ All classes in the game now has a changed stat growth (HP, MP, STR, INT and AGI).
★★ Almost all monsters now have changed RuneCost.
★★ Prince and Mad Monarch has been replaced by two secret classes.
★★ Bosses are stronger, much more tough and deadly!!! Test your skill in the bossfights!
★ Some special attacks has been changed (for example, Fafnir got personal healing skill, Dragon Roar skill is
usable after movement).
★ In the mod all weapons, equipment and accessories are much better than in the original game. More stats, more
elements, more variety!
★★ All default equipment has been changed. Also, some monsters has gotten collars and weapons.
★★ Rylie Ring and Resistant Pin now changed for another unique items.
★★ Some items types has been changed to other. Also, equip list for all classes has been totally rewritten.
★ Every country have slightly more default mana resource. Also, incoming mana increased about 5 times!
★ Added tier 2 monsters to summon list for some castles and one special to Logres.
★ Every AOE skill (except for Whirlpool) or spell deals less damage than earlier.
★★ Area Heal is able to heal all allies now, but it costs 50 percent more.
★★★ Geno-Bolt got a friendly-fire ability (but only for player).
★ Zombies dies from any magic damage (OH, SHI~!)
★ Dimension spell is able to be used on any distance, and even on friendly units!
★ Changed sprites for about 40 unit classes. For now, that looks much more nice.

Plus d'informations sur le MOD : | Readme.txt


Version non-moddée du jeu aussi disponible ici : > Brigandine [Patch ENG] <

Catégorie : Jeux PSX
Auteur : Maxsacreur
Ajouté le : 02/07/2020 13:17
Téléchargé : 2148 fois

Note : 


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